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Introducing the FitBit

There have been a few different ways to track your daily activity, and recently the Fitbit has been introduced and we are very happy with the results.

The Fitbit is functional and fashionable, as you can wear it on a daily basis and still look cool whilst tracking your;

1) Daily Steps

2) Sleep Patterns

3) Calories Burned

4) Light, Medium and Heavy Exercise routines

The online dashboard is very intuitive and easy to use and provides a great summary of your daily activities.

Once friends start to get involved you can compare and track your progress with others providing you with further motivation.

A great new fitness tool that looks cool also.

Video Messages

Little pieces of technology are slowly working their way into our lives, but small pieces of technology do not mean they are not life changing technology.  Take for example the Digital Video Fridge Magnet, now here is a device that I have been using to help me do a number of tasks;

1) Helping my diet – currently I am on the low-carb diet which means that I am avoiding most foods that contain any form of Carbohydrate.  I have been able to keep on top of this by recording a Digital Fridge Magnetlittle message on my Digital Video Recorder and placing it on my fridge. Now the message is not – Don’t eat Carbohydrates – that would be boring, my message to myself was me squeezing my excess fat on my stomach and recording it.

2) Improving my relationship – I will often leave a little message there for the wife telling her how much I love her, simple, sweet and effective, ok ok sometimes I also leave dinner requests, but that is after the I love you bit.

All in all a great little gadget that can achieve so much more than it’s price tag.

Lifelogging with Smartphones

Life logging can be as simple as a daily photo, with a little bit of commentary around what is currently happening in your life, a daily Journal if you will.  Long gone are the days when we used to keep a hand written journal entry for each days thoughts. 

With the integration of the Smart Phone into our daily lives, and their 5-12 megapixel cameras which are capable of capturing full HD videos, it is no wonder people are using these devices to also record images and videos of their lives.

Top-selling smartphones, such as the iPhone 4S with its 8-megapixel camera, are now equipped with better photography capabilities. As a result, users are more likely to carry one device with them instead of two, capturing spontaneous moments with the mobile device they already carry in their pocket instead of toting along a camera.

The use of smartphones is also transforming the nature of personal photography. People no longer snap and print photos only to enclose them in dusty albums on a shelf. They e-mail pictures to family and friends, share them on Facebook, Flickr and other sites, and post them to self hosted life logging blogs.

Storing your memories is now a trend that people are already doing on a daily basis, with sites such as Facebook and Twitter, people are recording nearly every aspect of their lives, however there is a problem.

With this method (using Facebook for e.g) users have no control over the content, images and information they are posting.  Facebook, Twitter and every other website that is being used by members is owned by someone else and at any stage that company could break any number of Privacy Laws and get shut down over night, you can then say goodbye to all your life's memories.  The innovative solution by Legacy Websites is unique in a sense that they create a website that you own ( a Life logging website ), you have complete control over who sees the content, (usernames and passwords) and you can back-up all your information whenever you like.


Lifestyle Lighting

Your home is your temple, and needs to reflect your mood and build a sense of Ambiance.  We have seen many different ways of lighting the home but this concept is one of the best.  The reason is that it has the full spectrum of colors to select from.

Living Spectrum LED color changing mood lights allow you to personalize your space and choose the color that's right for you.

Turn on the mood light to create your own romantic bedroom, define living room space into a sanctuary late at night for a calming space to read, make a kitchen bright even when the sun goes down – the possibilities are endless. Here are some situations where your color changing led moodlights can be useful.

Fish tank or aquarium:

Use an LED spotlight or led strip lights to accent the space around your aquarium and accent the wall behind it, or just the aquarium itself if you have a very large tank.
Cool shades of blues and greens will add a vibrant effect of a light underwater sea glow, but red and purple lights are also very dramatic and appealing.

Nightlife at home:

Brighten up your nightlife with LED strip lighting. You can use a solid color, or color-changing lights to boldly display bottle racks or home bar accessories.
To enhance the design of your game room or bar area, use single strips to wrap around the bar stools, small tables, pool table, or dart board.

Now you have it! All the great occasions where these little things can prove their awesomeness! Have a look at our Mood Lights Here !

Creating a Paperless Life

Want to create a Paperless Home? – You need a Handheld Scanner !

Want to keep all your Paperwork organised?- A Handheld Scanner is a must have

We are all striving to make our lives less cluttered, however each day it seems that there is another bill we have to pay, or another statement in the mail, normally one we 'don't need'.  So we have decided to talk a little about using handheld scanners to improve the "paperwork" situation around the home.

Many offices now days are striving to be paperless, and most will have large expensive scanning machines that do exactly what they are designed to do, they scan everything.  However around the home we do not have the room to store such large pieces of equipment, so what better to keep on the bench or in the pantry than a light weight handheld paper scanner.

These handheld scanners are powered by batteries which allow you to take it with you anywhere you go. As is the case with most newer technology these days, portable scanners are being designed to be as easy to operate with and user-friendly as possible. These compact scanners are perfect for so many different things, which includes scanning important items such as checks, receipts, contracts, business contacts, business cards, expense reports, travel claims, and the list goes on.

What is very impressive with those little scanners is the speed they take to scan a text or an image, which can be as fast as 10 seconds (depending on scan quality). Scan quality varies on different scanners, but you won't be disappointed with any of them. A lot of them allow you to choose scan quality as well, which can be 600dpi high. As technology gets cheaper and cheaper.

One of the main advantages of a handheld scanner is the convenience it provides. Whether you're at home, in the office, or on the road, you can scan important documents in a matter of minutes. Every scanner will include user-friendly software making it simple to produce high-resolution scans of both text documents and images, and to save them in a wide variety of formats.

With this kind of technology you can make your home tidier by scanning your mail as soon as it arrives, saving it to your computer and then disposing of the original paperwork in seconds.

Lifelogging for Beginners

Taking the first step and deciding to capture life's passing moments can be a liberating experience. Life logging is not about sticking a camera to your head and video taping everything you do, it is about realising that life is incredibly short and memories are lost as easily as they are created.  To decide to either self lifelog or start to capture your children's lives is the first step in realising that your life is a wonderful experience and one that should not be taken for granted.

If you have decided to take the first step in life logging, then the easiest way to start is by finding a point in your day that is a routine for you. A great example is driving to work, if you are driving to work every day, then you have anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 hour to record your thoughts.  Therefore you should consider the use of a Car Digital Video Recorder